Now your little one can enjoy a dairy & guilt-free alternative to home cooking!

V&Me meals are cooked from scratch every day, and are designed to give your baby a love for nutritious, homemade food - now catering for dairy-free dietary preferences.


Wondering why? We'll break it down for you...

Did you know, in the UK, cows’ milk allergy (CMPA), is one of the most common infant food allergies?

For many parents, this can make it more complicated when knowing what to feed their little one, especially if their normal diet at home contains plenty of cow’s milk.

One way parents can make their lives a little bit easier is by buying dairy-free baby meals in order to lighten the mental load of meal planning during the week and still ensure theyir baby is being fed healthy, nutritious meals.

Take a look at our menu options below, and set your baby up for better eating habits!

Benefits of using V&Me meals for dairy-free baby meals

  • We don't just take out the dairy...
    we replace with calcium-rich alternatives that don't compromise on taste or texture or nutrition!
  • A dairy free version of every meal
    So you don't have to sacrifice on that all important variety
  • Non-dairy sources of calcium
    Our paediatric experts have designed the menu to include plenty of non-dairy sources of calcium such as beans and pulses, a variety of green vegetables, ready oats and calcium set tofu


Now available in London!

It's not just a pot! Each delivery includes 2 mains and a snack, all cooked fresh in our Battersea kitchen on the day of delivery. We charge "per day" of food, and you'll only be charged at the end of the week.

Oh, and there is no minimum order. Spread the meals across the week to suit your schedule and their appetite.

No hidden delivery fees, either.
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A photo of the baby food from V&Me

Suitable for babies 6 to 12 months old.

Textures: Smooth, Lumpy, Bite-sized

A photo of the toddler food from V&Me

Suitable for toddlers 1 to 4 years old.

Texture: Bite-sized


What do you replace the dairy with?

Our team of paediactric experts and chefs have gone to great lengths to ensure that our dairy-free menu still meets the nutritional requirements of growing babies and toddlers.

We use Oatly Barista as our plant based milk alternative, as it doesn’t contain any emulsifiers and is high in protein. For cream, we use Oatly Cream and for butter we use Flora vegan butter.

Is the dairy-free menu different?

Aside from the dairy replacements, we've kept the dairy-free menu exactly the same to ensure that your little one gets the same level of variety and nutrition from V&Me meals.

Are the dairy-free meals prepared separately?

All our chefs are trained to work with allergens safely. When preparing any given dairy-free meal, these are cooked first (before any dairy is handled) and portioned separately with special allergen labels.

Our delivery drivers are also trained to handle allergens safely and perform a final check upon delivery to ensure you receive the correct meals.

Do the meals taste as good when they're dairy-free?

Absolutely! Our restaurant-trained chefs are able to make the dairy-free meals just as delicious (and healthy!) as our regular meals.

The secret is preparing everything from scratch and delivering fresh using high quality ingredients as dairy replacements.

Do you cater for other allergies/intolerances?

Yes! We cater to various options which can be selected during during checkout.

The options currently are: Dairy + egg free, Halal, No beef/lamb, Nut free.

50+ reviews

A game-changer for many parents, and we're sure it will be for you too.

My son is genuinely like a whole different baby now and eats SO much better.

Holly P

Mummy, London

I am so glad I used V&Me for my baby, she is so much more adventurous with her food, and I would have NEVER been able to do it all by myself.


Mummy, Putney

Honestly, parenting can be f*cking hard and using V&Me is the only way I can ensure my baby grows up to be a flexible eater who’s learnt to enjoy simple, whole foods.


Mummy, Wandsworth

The main thing about V&Me meals is that they’re exactly the same as home-cooked meals, so I know my baby is learning to love proper home-cooked food, not processed crap.


Daddy, Greenwich


As a parent, you're hardwired to go that extra mile to protect, nurture, and give your children the best opportunities in life you possibly can.

But when it comes to feeding for your baby, the constant planning, cooking and cleaning can take it's mental and physical toll on you.

For me, I couldn’t sleep until I knew the alternative to doing it myself would be done in a way that didn't make me feel guilty for not cooking myself.

And that’s how V&Me was born.

That meant: No industrial processes, no nasty ingredients and no deep-freezing.

Just nutritious whole ingredients, hand-cooked from scratch exactly as I would do myself at home. All delivered fresh, ready to eat.

So if you're just feeling a bit overwhelmed and need those extra few hours to yourself or you're just looking to make sure your baby is developing lifelong healthy eating habits, give V&Me a try and see how it can work for you.

— Mulu
CEO & Co-founder of V&Me
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Set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy eating

A guilt-free alternative to home-cooking. Meals cooked from scratch every day to give your baby a love for nutritious, homemade food.