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Frequently asked questions regarding our meals an ingredients.

What age are V&Me’s meals appropriate for?

Our meals are specifically designed for babies and toddlers aged from 7 months – 3 years. All our meals are suitable from 6 months but you may wish to start your weaning journey with simple vegetables and fruits for the initial weeks. We recommend starting with bitter green vegetables for the first 1-2 weeks, before moving on to sweeter vegetables and fruits. We have just launched the UK’s first fully planned out weaning kit to take the stress completely out of weaning, visit our website for more information!

Do the meals arrive frozen?

No, we believe in giving the freshest taste, that’s why we don’t use frozen ingredients or go through any unnecessary processes to extend the shelf life of our meals. Instead, we use the best seasonal ingredients and cook them from scratch every morning before delivering them straight to your door from our kitchen.

Do experts plan all meals on the menu?

Yes, our Paediatric Dietitians fully plan every single dish which appear on our menu. They also go through a strict process to plan out each day and week to ensure your baby has the optimal nutritional balance as well as exposure to new flavours and tastes.

Do your meals contain any added salt or sugar?

No, none of our meals or desserts contain any added salt or sugar and we also do not use any additives or preservatives.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We source the best quality, freshest seasonal ingredients from reputable suppliers who also supply all the Michelin 3* restaurants in London.For the seasonal, local product from low-pesticide UK farms, we use Nature’s Choice and Natoora. We use Direct Meats for their fresh free-range meat products and Daily Fish for their sustainably sourced sea foods.

Can I choose the texture of the food?

Yes, for babies, there are 3 textures to choose from, please select which texture you require at the Checkout. We know that you may want to change the texture as they grow, so you can edit your preference by e-mailing us at help@vandme.co.uk. We do encourage you to move on swiftly with the textures!See our dedicated texture page here.

What is the portion size?

As advised by our Dietitians, for the baby menu, mains are typically 100g and fruits/veg 30g. For the 1-3y menu, mains are typically 200g and desserts 100g. Portion sizes may vary due to nutritional density.

How do I find out about the allergens in each meal?

All allergens are highlighted in bold on our menu.

Can we change our order days?

We update our menu page every Monday for the following 2 weeks, so if you see your favourites, you can edit your order. Although we would encourage you to try different flavours as the more exposure you give to your little one, the less likely they will become fussy eaters later in life. You can add or remove extra days on your subscription by 10am the day before.

What if my baby doesn’t like the food?

Babies have an innate preference for sweeter food and it may take up to 20 tries for them to get used to a new taste. That’s why we have different menus every day, to make sure they are exposed to all the different tastes and flavours from a young age. You can always start with a few “favourite” days and build up from there.Don’t give up if they don’t demolish the first meal, building healthy habits doesn’t happen overnight!

Would I need to cook or heat up the food once it arrives?

All our food is cooked fresh, daily (yes, every day!) and delivered to your door chilled to give you the flexibility of when you consume it. We provide detailed reheating instructions with every delivery, so you are never in doubt about how best to reheat something!

How do I store the food if my baby is not ready to eat it straightaway?

Please store them in the fridge as soon as you receive them. While reheating, we recommend following our instructions for best results, which you will receive with your menu. Please note appliances vary so please ensure the food is heated until piping hot and cooled down before serving.Please take the food out of the containers before reheating in the microwave.

How long do the meals last for?

All our meals can last in the fridge for up to 3 days (please consume all rice dishes within 24 hours). Detailed reheating instructions are found on our menu page here.

Do you provide adult meals so I can eat together with my child?

There is the option to choose an additional meal at the Checkout, if you would like to enjoy our meals with your child (“double up for family”). Please note, your portion size will be the same as your child’s.

Are your containers recyclable and safe for my baby?

Yes, they are free of BPA and Phtalates. They are also compostable, biodegradable and/or widely recycled in the UK.

What testing do you do to make sure your kitchen is safe?

In addition to our 5 star hygiene rating awarded by the Council, we have additional hygiene protocol in place. All kitchen staff hold food hygiene certificates and must go through regular health checks to ensure our meals are prepared in a safe environment. We flash freeze a sample of every dish we produce for 10 days and conduct regular testing to ensure the highest standards are adhered to at all times. We only use our own fleet and drivers for delivery so that our strict hygiene standards can be kept from the moment food leaves the kitchen to when you receive them.

Can I choose which meals I receive?

Our team of dietitians has thoughtfully crafted our menu to ensure your baby receives all the essential nutrients throughout the day (and week), distributed across the three meals provided daily. While we don’t offer the option to select or exchange individual meals, our flexible membership lets you decide which days of the week you’d like to receive our meals. This way, you can make sure your little one enjoys their favourite meals as frequently as you’d like.

What cooking oils do you use?

We use a high quality olive oil across the whole menu. It has been selected by our chefs for optimal nutrition and taste.

I only need one main meal a day, not three...what do I do?

If you only need one meal a day, try getting V&Me deliveries on alternate days and keep one of the main meals in the fridge overnight for the next day. All our meals last in the fridge for up to 3 days!


Frequently asked questions regarding payments and deliveries.

Can I try as a one-off without subscribing?

We believe continued exposure works the best to ensure your little one has the optimal balance of nutrition and maximum exposure to variety every week. If you want to try one of two deliveries to start with, simply toggle on the “one off order” button.

What if I am going to be away?

You can pause or change your subscription anytime for free! We require 48h hours notice for any changes to help us prevent food waste and guarantee we have ordered the correct quantity in time.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We take all major credit and debit cards, which are processed via Stripe.

How can I cancel or edit my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription via ‘My Account’ on our website or edit it by emailing us with your required changes at help@vandme.co.uk

Where do you deliver to?

Please click on the link below to view all areas we currently deliver to:
www.vandme.co.uk/delivery-zones.We are rapidly expanding but if we’re not currently in your area, please sign up to our newsletter where we announce our new delivery areas, or email us with your postcode at help@vandme.co.uk.

What is your delivery fee?

Standard delivery between 8-10am is free, and for early-bird (pre 8am) and coolbox deliveries there is a £2 fee added on.

How will the food be delivered?

Your food will be delivered chilled, straight to your door by one of our own drivers. If you’re not going to be at home, there is a box at to indicate a safe place for us to leave your food. You can also add in a V&Me cool box that will keep your food chilled for up to 9 hours, we supply the ice and the box for it!

Where is your kitchen?

Our kitchen is located in Battersea (SW11) where all our food is cooked fresh from scratch and delivered straight to your doorstep.

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