Healthy kids Ready meals

Save time and skip the unhealthy supermarket options with V&Me's fresh kids ready meal delivery service.

V&Me's ready meals are cooked from scratch every day, and are designed to give your baby or toddler a love for nutritious, homemade food.

Kids ready meals in the supermarket just aren't good enough...

But why? Let us explain...

Time short parents deserve a healthy option for their kids at meal time.

 But the choice in the supermarket for healthy meals designed for babies and toddlers is very limited.

One of the reasons is because for ready meals to stay fresh and tasty they tend to require either fairly high levels of salt and other preservatives or some form of industrial heat treatment.

According to NHS health guidelines, a 0-5 year olds diet should contain no added salt whatsoever.

So when you're looking at kids ready meals in the supermarket - it's worth bearing in mind that it's either got some sort of preservative in or been industrially treated to remain shelf stable.

Take a look at our menu options below, and set your baby up for better eating habits!

Benefits of using V&Me's kids meals

  • No preservatives, no industrial processes
    We cook from scratch and deliver fresh, so there's no need for either of these.
  • No need to choose the meals
    We curate a daily menu to encourage your little to try a variety of meals.
  • Delivered when you need it
    Our flexible delivery service means you can pause, edit or cancel your deliveries whenever

OUR healthy kids ready meals

Now available in London!

Each delivery includes 2 meals and a snack, all cooked fresh in our Battersea kitchen on the day of delivery. We charge "per day" of food, and you'll only be charged at the end of the week.

Oh, and there is no minimum order. Spread the meals across the week to suit your schedule and their appetite.

No hidden delivery fees, either.
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A photo of the baby food from V&Me

Suitable for babies 6 to 12 months old.

Textures: Smooth, Lumpy, Bite-sized

A photo of the toddler food from V&Me

Suitable for toddlers 1 to 4 years old.

Texture: Bite-sized


How long to the meals last?

Our meals typically last up to three days in the fridge. They can be frozen but we do reccommend consuming as fresh as possible for optimal taste and texture!

Is there any added salt or sugar in the meals?

No, none at all. Our chefs have mastered the art of making tasty, nutritious kids ready meals without the need for salt or sugar. By using the freshest ingredients and natural flavour enhancers like homemade chicken stock, you'd be surprised by how flavourful the meals are without salt!

Can you buy V&Me ready meals in the supermarket?

No - we deliver fresh from our kitchen to your doorstep for ultimate freshness.

Do you cater for allergies/intolerances?

Yes! We cater to various options which can be selected during during checkout.

The options currently are: Dairy + egg free, Halal, No beef/lamb, Nut free.

50+ reviews

A game-changer for many parents, and we're sure it will be for you too.

My son is genuinely like a whole different baby now and eats SO much better.

Holly P

Mummy, London

I am so glad I used V&Me for my baby, she is so much more adventurous with her food, and I would have NEVER been able to do it all by myself.


Mummy, Putney

Honestly, parenting can be f*cking hard and using V&Me is the only way I can ensure my baby grows up to be a flexible eater who’s learnt to enjoy simple, whole foods.


Mummy, Wandsworth

The main thing about V&Me meals is that they’re exactly the same as home-cooked meals, so I know my baby is learning to love proper home-cooked food, not processed crap.


Daddy, Greenwich


As a parent, you're hardwired to go that extra mile to protect, nurture, and give your children the best opportunities in life you possibly can.

But when it comes to feeding for your baby, the constant planning, cooking and cleaning can take it's mental and physical toll on you.

For me, I couldn’t sleep until I knew the alternative to doing it myself would be done in a way that didn't make me feel guilty for not cooking myself.

And that’s how V&Me was born.

That meant: No industrial processes, no nasty ingredients and no deep-freezing.

Just nutritious whole ingredients, hand-cooked from scratch exactly as I would do myself at home. All delivered fresh, ready to eat.

So if you're just feeling a bit overwhelmed and need those extra few hours to yourself or you're just looking to make sure your baby is developing lifelong healthy eating habits, give V&Me a try and see how it can work for you.

— Mulu
CEO & Co-founder of V&Me
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Set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy eating

A guilt-free alternative to home-cooking. Meals cooked from scratch every day to give your baby a love for nutritious, homemade food.