4 surprising facts about baby food delivery services in London

Will G
March 20, 2024
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Baby food delivery companies have exploded onto the scene in London recently as more and more parents look for healthy, fresh options to feed their baby when they don’t have time to cook.

Until recently, parents have been stuck with two options for feeding their babies. They either take the time to buy and cook all the meals from scratch themselves in between the nappy changes and laundry loads…OR they wander down the baby food aisle in the supermarket.

If you’ve been to the baby food aisle recently, you will have probably noticed one MAJOR thing missing from it…

Have you guessed it yet?

That’s right! Actual fresh food.

Food that you might even eat yourself. Food that wasn’t made a few years ago and heat-treated up into plastic pouches to sit on a shelf for the next decade.Sure the pouches and jars are pretty useful in an emergency to chuck in the buggy and not have to worry about food for your baby. But if you need to rely on it on a regular basis, for most parents they just aren’t good enough!

That’s where baby meal delivery services came in

London’s first dedicated baby kitchen opened in 2020 in Battersea, where fresh meals are prepared daily from scratch with no added salt, sugar or nasties.Now, these are a fairly new concept to a lot of people, so we wanted to take the opportunity in this blog to tell you the 5 most surprising facts about baby food delivery services that you probably didn’t know!

First up: You can’t choose what meals your baby gets

This might be a bit of a shock, but V&Me’s baby meal delivery service does not let you pick and choose what meals to get for your baby.

There is a good reason for this however…It can be SO tempting to just give your little one "safe" meals...You know they're going to eat it, less mess, bish bash bosh.But, by doing this, you end up restricting the variety they are being exposed to.

Taking advantage of the "golden window" of your baby's development by exposing them to as much variety as possible is the best way to build an adventurous eater.

It might take a few tries for them to start liking something new… But these taste preferences will last a lifetime!

Secondly: There are no food freezers found anywhere on the premise

Because all the baby meals are cooked fresh from scratch daily, there is no need to keep anything stored in a freezer! Every day, a fresh delivery of produce arrives at the kitchen’s front door from London’s top restaurant supplier (Nature’s Choice) just like any normal restaurant would.

But there is one tiny freezer we haven’t told you about…From every meal cooked, our Head chef takes a sample to flash freeze and keeps it on record to ensure that hygiene levels can be tested on a regular basis.

Thirdly: No salt is used in ANY of the cooking process

This one might be obvious. The NHS recommends that babies consume no added salt in their diet whatsoever until the age of five. This means that the baby kitchen has to use other inventive ways to bring flavour and taste to their fresh baby meals.

A good example is the homemade chicken stock which is found in many of our baby meals. This “liquid gold” is simmered down for over 12 hours to give it a rich, flavourful taste without the need for any salt.

There is also Chef Kwesi’s secret herb oil which is made by infusing a selection of fresh herbs into a high-quality olive oil over the course of the week. It’s perfect for sprinkling on roasted veggies as it imparts a delicious fresh taste to everything it touches!

Lastly: The chefs start cooking at 4 am EVERY DAY

Yes, you read that right! These baby food chefs aren’t afraid of an early start when it comes to making nutritious, healthy meals for your little one.Starting this early means the fresh meals can be delivered to doorsteps all around London first thing in the morning. There’s nothing like the peace of mind knowing your baby’s food has been taken care of for the day!

How to sign up for V&Me’s baby food delivery service?

If you’re a London parent and you want to join the growing number of mums and dads getting fresh baby food deliveries to their doorstep, click the link below and get your first delivery now!

V&Me’s baby kitchen is now delivering to almost all central London postcodes, including popular areas like Westminster, Herne Hill, Parsons Green, Chiswick, Shoreditch, Fulham, Camden Town, Putney, Brixton, Kennington.

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