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Will G
March 5, 2024
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If you’re a parent living in London, you are probably lucky enough to be able to walk your buggy down the local high street and see a huge diversity of exotic food cuisines from all around the world popping up every week. It’s one of the biggest draws to living in one of the multi-cultural hubs of the world!

International cuisines are a great way to try new flavours, ingredients and ways of cooking as well as learning about the different cultures behind each dish. So when it comes to feeding your baby, many parents want to try and take advantage of their natural curiosity to expose them to all these different kinds of cuisines.

But it’s not always as simple as that…

The biggest obstacle most parents face is that most international cuisines available in London don’t serve baby-friendly meals that are low in salt and preservatives. The other is that it’s impossible to try and cook them yourself because, unless you’re some sort of professional baby chef, it would be pretty much impossible to try and replicate all these exotic dishes at home

Why is it important to feed your baby international cuisines?

The best answer to this would be…well why wouldn’t you? As we mentioned above, babies are naturally curious in these early years.

In fact, it is known as a “golden window” between 6 months and 18 months which scientists have identified as the most crucial part of your baby’s growth and development. This is when the majority of a child’s health blueprint is created. From kidney structures that will affect their blood pressure, to the amount of fat deposited around their organs and even the diversity of their gut microbes, we can actually predict metabolic health factors in early childhood.

Broccoli and cauliflower are great ingredients for your baby to start with, but moving on to more “complex” meals is an important part of your baby’s growth and development! And international cuisines are a great way of helping this development.

Can babies eat spices when they are that young?

Obviously, there is a difference between “spice” and “spicy” and the answer is very different for both of those!

With spicy food (as in makes you sweat or burns your mouth!), it’s recommended to wait until your baby’s a bit older so they are better able to handle the effects of spice in their body. As always every child is different, and in some cultures, they might start feeding their baby spicy food from the get-go.

But what many parents don’t know, is that once your baby has started the weaning journey onto solid food, you can start introducing common spices like cumin, paprika and garlic within the first month. There are several reasons why this is a good idea:

  • It’s good for their gut! Spices contribute to increased variety in your gut microbiome and this is especially key when your baby is during the “golden window” of their development.
  • It’s good for building lasting healthy eating habits! Nobody wants their baby to grow up being a chicken nugget child who only eats beige food, so making sure they are learning to love and appreciate a whole different range of spices and flavours from a young age is the best way to prevent this.

Why London is the perfect place to try baby food delivery services

There’s a reason why baby food delivery services have become so popular amongst parents in the last couple of years. Firstly, parents in London are some of the most time-poor parents in the country! Between working, commuting and everything else, there’s very little time for them to spend cooking fresh meals every day. Let alone do the shopping, cleaning and planning for it…

The other reason is that it’s a bustling hub of international cultures and you can find pretty much any type of cuisine imaginable in your local area! This has even translated into the baby food delivery services of the city which not only want to cater to the wide range of parents and backgrounds that live in London but also want to create exciting, exotic meals for babies to enjoy.

If you want your baby to grow up being a proper London foodie, then making sure they’re getting used to all these diverse from a young age is essential!

Why baby meal delivery services are the perfect way for your baby to try a variety of different cuisines in London.

Now, we’d all love our baby to grow up loving every different cuisine under the sun, but… who is going to cook all of this food?

Well, I certainly wouldn’t be able to cook much more than a simple curry, let alone a Bulgarian moussaka or a Chinese chow mein on a regular basis.

And that’s where baby food delivery services come in!

Parents have been using companies like V&Me to expose their babies to a much wider variety of cuisine than they would have the time or expertise to normally. On their menus, you’ll find baby-friendly dishes like Indian Dahls, Veggie Chow Meins, Jollof Rice, Paneer Biryani and Jerusalem artichoke soup. All of these are cooked expertly from scratch by their team of expert chefs in Battersea every morning using no salt, no preservatives and baby-friendly spices and herbs.

So, how do I sign up?

If you’re a parent living in London and you want to join the growing number of mums and dads getting fresh baby food deliveries to their doorstep, click the link below and get your first delivery now! Each week you’ll get a variety of dishes ranging from family favourites to more “exotic” taste-explorer dishes.

We are now delivering to almost all central London postcodes, including popular areas like Notting Hill, Hampstead, Canary Wharf, Brixton, Hackney, Marylebone, Clapham, Southwark, Covent Garden, Greenwich and Kentish Town.

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