Healthy, Fresh Baby Food Pots in London

June 26, 2024
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Baby food - where to buy the best pots for your baby

When we think of shop-bought baby food, what usually comes to mind are the standard jars and pouches that have been a staple in our supermarkets for decades now.

But recently the baby food industry has seen a change where parents are looking for healthier, fresher alternatives for their babies. In fact there are now more ways than ever to get healthy baby food delivered to your home!

In this blog we’re going to look at these new types of baby food pots that are becoming more and more popular and see what the differences are between these and the jars and pouches.

Baby food pots - what actually are they?

There are a few different kind of baby food pots available at the moment for parents to buy when for when they need something healthy to feed their baby.

But, to be clear, what “pots” doesn't’ refer to is the jars that you might find in the supermarket.

This is the “old school” type of baby food which has been around since the 1950s after the second world war. It’s mass manufactured, industrially processed stuff designed to sit on a shelf for as long as possible without going mouldy and hasn’t changed ever since it first landed on our shelves.

“Baby food pots” refers to the new types of either fresh or frozen meals that you can get delivered to your house on a subscription-type basis.

Fresh vs frozen baby food pots

What both have in common is that…you guessed it, they come in little pots! These tend to be either recyclable or compostable, which is a refreshing change from the disposable plastic pouches that have become so popular.

However, there are a few differences between them that parents should be aware of.

Frozen baby food pots

Frozen pots are the best choice if you have plenty of freezer space and you like the peace of mind knowing that you have a last minute healthy option ready-to-go in the freezer at all times.

But, if you’re planning to use these on a regular basis, you might find that your baby is eating the same things on repeat and will start getting bored of the repeated flavours and textures. It’s a bit like batch cooking, it’s very cost effective and convenient, but you end up eating the same frozen chilli for the next two weeks!

It can also be very tempting as a parent to only go for the “safe” meals that your child likes and they end up not getting exposed to a variety of meals and ingredients.

So in summary, useful in an emergency, but not ideal for day-to-day use!

Fresh baby food pots

Fresh baby food pots like the ones you can get from V&Me are probably the lesser known of the two, as they’ve only been around in the last couple of years.

But, as you can probably tell, the biggest difference is that the food in the pots is freshly cooked from scratch that very same day. It's almost like a deliveroo for babies, but you sign up to regular delivery days that follow a curated daily menu.

We don’t eat frozen food every day, so why should our babies? The early days of food exploration play a key part in their future relationship with food, so ensuring that the food is fresh, natural and as close to home cooked as possible is the best way to set them up with healthy eating habits for life.

The first fresh baby food kitchen in London

Founded in 2021 by Mulu who was frustrated with the lack of fresh baby food pots available on the market to feed her baby, V&Me established the first baby kitchen in south London.

Inspired by the baby kitchens that are popular in Bulgaria, the idea was to give parents a truly fresh and homemade option to feed their babies. Since then, a growing number of parents in London have made the switch to fresh by getting convenient deliveries to their doorstep from V&Me.

Every meal is cooked from scratch on site, using whole ingredients and with no added salt, sugar or preservatives. Each morning the team of professional chefs arrive bright and early to start preparing a different three meals according to the changing daily menus. This ensures that babies are getting the variety and freshness that their growing brains and bodies need, even when their parents are short on time.

How to sign up?

If you live in London and you want to join the growing number of parents getting fresh ready meal deliveries for their kids, click the link below and get your first delivery now!

We are now delivering to almost all central London postcodes, including popular areas like Wandsworth, Clapham, Battersea, Kensington, Fulham, Greenwich, Queen’s park, Islington, Lewisham and many more!

Get our fresh (not frozen!) baby meals delivered to you

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