How We Make Our Fresh Baby Food Pots

Will G
June 27, 2024
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Fresh baby food pots

Frozen and shelf-stable baby food can be a convenient choice in an emergency or as a back-up, but if you’ve heard about the growing trend of fresh baby food you might be wondering…how does it actually work?

Well, as London’s very first baby food kitchen, we’re going to break down exactly how we do things at V&Me for our nutritious fresh baby food pot delivery service!

Sourcing the ingredients for our fresh baby food pots

Making fresh baby food comes with a whole host of challenges that had to be overcome when first setting up our baby food kitchen.

One of the first challenges was ensuring that we were using the freshest and highest quality ingredients possible. In accordance with the NHS guidelines, we don’t use any added salt or sugar in our meals. As a result , we knew that we needed to find the best tasting produce to ensure that the meals taste as good as possible.

After trying a few different suppliers in London, we settled on Nature’s Choice, who also supply most of London’s michelin starred restaurants with their produce. We’ve been with them ever since and the quality is always amazing!

Cooking the fresh baby food pots

We’ve sourced the ingredients, now it’s time to cook them.

Unlike frozen baby food pots or baby food pouches, cooking the meals fresh means that you can’t just simply make a big batch and store it for a long time.

Instead, our chefs run the kitchen like a restaurant, preparing a different daily menu from scratch every day. From our customers' perspective, this means that for every day that they sign-up for food, they get a fresh delivery in the morning of each of those days.

Delivering fresh baby food pots also has the advantage of not having to go through a long defrosting blast in the microwave which can break down the texture and taste quite a lot.

It also means you can serve a much wider variety of texture for your little one to explore. Frozen baby food pots tend to be soupy, liquidy foods that freeze well, but with fresh pots there’s a much larger range of textures and types of food that can be included on the menu.

How do they keep the baby food pots fresh?

V&Me’s delivery riders leave first thing in the morning to reach customers doors before 8am. During the delivery process, the food is kept chilled by special ice packs and when customers get their food for the day, they can either serve it straight away or pop it in the fridge for up to 3 days!

How to sign up to V&Me’s fresh baby food pots?

If you live in London and you want to join the growing number of parents getting fresh baby pot deliveries to their doorstep, click the link below and get your first delivery now!

We curate a different daily menu daily, you just need to choose the days you want food on, and the texture and portion size for your little one!

We are now delivering to almost all central London postcodes, including popular areas like Earlsfield, Clapham, Nappy Valley, South Kensington, Hammersmith, Streatham, Queen’s park, Hackney, Lewisham and many more!

Get our fresh (not frozen!) baby meals delivered to you

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June 27, 2024
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