Press Release: New from V&Me - Baby Mist Broccoli

Will G
January 12, 2024
5 min read

Introducing “Baby Mist”: The Innovative Solution for Preventing Fussy Eating.

V&Me, a leading name in up-market baby food, has proudly unveiled its groundbreaking new product, Baby Mist: Broccoli.

Representing a significant breakthrough in infant feeding, V&Me’s Baby Mist introduces a novel approach to a frustration shared by many parents: overcoming fussy eating in children from an early age.

Designed after extensive research into childhood nutrition and taste development, it’s a unique perfume formulated with the essence of bitter vegetables. This week’s launch features the first evolution of the new line, a broccoli-flavoured spray, carefully crafted to acclimatise infants to one of the most commonly disliked bitter flavours.

The concept behind this new range of products stems from a collective effort to address one of the most challenging issues faced by parents: the prevention of fussy eating.

By using Baby Mist parents can expose their babies to these bitter smells from an early stage in an easy and stress-free way and set them up for a lifetime of healthy choices.

“This innovative product embodies our commitment to supporting healthy eating habits right from the start,” said Mulu, the founder of V&Me, and mother of two. “Our Baby Mist is a pioneering solution aimed at improving healthy food relationships of our future generations, setting a new standard in early childhood nutrition.”

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Will G
January 12, 2024
Will is our very own in-house baby food expert! He is the go-to for anything baby, weaning, or product related. Working directly with experts, professors and paediatric dietitians, our content aims to keep you up to date on the latest tips, advice and opinions, giving you and your little one the best start for developing healthy eating habits.
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