The 5 most popular baby meals available on London delivery services

Will G
March 28, 2024
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Baby meal delivery services have become more and more popular in London since the start of the decade. Parents who were once restricted by what pouches and jars they could find in the supermarket now have the option to get fresh, homemade meals delivered to their doorstep for the ultimate convenience and nutrition for their little ones.

And it’s not just simple blended fruit and veg that’s delivered to your doorstep!

These are proper meals, designed to expand a baby’s palate and inspire a lasting love for healthy, fresh food. The early years (6-36 months) are the best time to introduce your baby to as many different tastes, flavours and textures while they are still growing and developing.

It’s the best way to ensure the foundations for healthy eating habits are being laid early on, and that’s why so many time-short parents in London are turning to baby meal delivery services to ensure that they are not missing out on this “golden window” of opportunity!

See V&Me’s current Menu to get an idea of what you could expect on any given week!

In this blog, we’re going to look at the 6 most popular baby meals available on London delivery delivery services to see what London’s next generation of foodies have been enjoying the most!

At Number 5: Tofu Mac & Cheese

This absolute classic of a meal comes in at number 5 overall, being one of the mainstays of V&Me’s baby menu since its inception in 2020. There are some interesting ingredients added to make it extra nutritious for little ones, such as:

Carrots & green beans: These add plenty of fibre and extra plant points to the dish

Tofu: This gives the whole Mac and Cheese a lovely, silky texture and adds extra protein and variety to the dish.

Panko & parmesan crust: This provides a nice texture variety and improves the flavouring (especially when reheated in the oven!)

At Number 4: Deconstructed Paneer Biryani

Just like the Mac & Cheese, this dish has been a staple of the V&Me menu for over two years now and continues to be a firm favourite of babies and toddlers alike. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is because the components of the dish are “deconstructed” so that little ones can see all the different parts of the meal.

Perfectly spiced (but not spicy!), this dish is a great way to introduce your baby to international cuisines that you may not usually cook at home.

Number 3: Carrot and Mixed Pepper Risotto

Probably the most colourful dish on this list, the popular carrot and mixed pepper risotto has long been a favourite of babies aged 7-12 months. The rich yellow and red colour definitely adds to its sensory appeal, but the secret ingredient that really makes this dish a winner is the homemade chicken stock that is used.

You may have read about this on one of our other blogs but essentially it’s a 12-hour homemade stock that Chef Kwesi describes as “liquid gold” and requires no added salt whatsoever! Yum!

Number 2: Homemade Fish and Chips

Who doesn’t love fish and chips on a Friday? Especially when it’s completely made from scratch and is full of brain-boosting ingredients like Trout!

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The panko-breaded trout roasted in a touch of oil is a healthy, baby-friendly version of your typical Friday night takeaway. Served with a side of hand-cut chips, this dish is perfect for independent little ones who like feeding themselves.

Number 1: Slow-cooked Beef Lasagne

The undisputed King of V&Me’s baby menu, this dish is so popular that parents often order a separate serving just for themselves!

The recipe itself is fairly simple. Good quality beef, homemade béchamel sauce and some lovely fresh pasta sheets are all used to make it as you’d expect.

We believe the magic of this dish comes from the fact that it’s totally homemade, and cooked in small batches with love and care from scratch.If you don’t believe us, you’ll just have to try it for yourself!

How to sign up?

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