V&Me vs Frozen Baby Food: Which is best for your baby?

Will G
November 17, 2023
5 min read

As a parent, choosing the right baby food is essential for your little one's growth and development. Frozen baby food might seem like the more convenient option, but let's delve deeper into why V&Me's game-changing fresh baby food service is actually the smarter choice.

Variety that Never Gets Boring

Frozen baby food often falls short in the variety department. Babies crave new tastes and textures to stimulate their developing palates.

The rotating V&Me menu offers an impressive array of textures and flavours that are all cooked fresh daily. This ensures that your baby enjoys a wide range of tastes, helping to avoid the mealtime monotony that can be easy to fall into.

More Than Just "Saucy" Meals

Frozen baby food companies usually only offer saucy meals that are easy to freeze. Unfortunately, this limits the diversity of meals available to your little one and can lead them to get “bored” very quickly. V&Me's fresh approach enables the menu to feature various textures—crunchy, soft, and everything in between. These textures aid in sensory exploration and are essential for your baby's development.

No Freezer Forgetfulness

Ever found forgotten frozen meals in the back of the freezer? V&Me makes these a thing of the past by delivering freshly cooked meals directly to your doorstep; there's no need for any extra freezer storage. No more freezer-burnt, neglected meals; instead, you get fresh meals made to order, ready to serve when you need them.

Quick and Hassle-Free to Serve

Defrosting frozen baby food can be a hassle, often requiring significant time and planning ahead, which is less than ideal when you’ve got a hungry baby on your hands… V&Me takes the stress out of mealtime. Our fresh meals are ready-to-serve from the fridge, meaning it's totally hassle-free.

Finger Foods for Self-Feeding

While frozen meals often include finger foods like nuggets or shaped items, they tend to encourage children to stick to specific shapes that differ from what adults typically eat. At V&Me, because our food is cooked fresh, we are able to offer a different approach. Our focus on baby-led weaning (BLW) emphasises natural finger foods, such as broccoli, which is more similar to what you'd get with family meals at home. By providing 'natural' finger foods, we support children in practicing the skills needed for lifelong healthy eating habits.

Quality Ingredients and Seasonal Freshness

V&Me sources the freshest, highest-quality ingredients for each meal. By using seasonal produce and avoiding lengthy storage, we ensure your baby enjoys food at its peak nutrition. Freshness matters, and it's what we prioritise in every meal we create.

Better value than you thought

Contrary to what you might expect, frozen baby food isn't necessarily more cost-effective. V&Me's fresh meals, which work out around £2.99 each, compete in both affordability and quality. With the added benefits of freshness, variety, and convenience. What’s not to love?

The V&Me Money Back Guarantee*

As you can probably tell, we truly believe our baby food is the best of the bunch, so much so, that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is.

If you're considering trying V&Me for you and your baby, we're making the decision a no-brainer for you. If you can provide the name of the frozen competitor that you've used that you believe offers better baby food (and why), then we'll refund the cost of your V&Me subscription.


Start your V&Me journey today and experience the best baby food London has to offer.

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November 17, 2023
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