Where can you buy healthy kids ready meals for babies and toddlers?

Will G
June 21, 2024
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Healthy ready meals for kids and babies

Having the time to cook every meal fresh for your baby and family is almost impossible without becoming a full time domestic chef. And although you might get the impression that everyone on social media is giving their baby lovingly made meals every day, sometimes you just need to take the load off yourself and outsource the cooking a few times a week.

Ready meals for adults have been around for decades and pretty much any supermarket or corner shop in London will have a range of ready meals for adults offering curries, pies, noodles and pretty much any other cuisine you can imagine!

But what about ready meals for babies and kids? The closest thing to it is probably the heat-treated baby and toddler food pouches found at the back of the supermarket, but these aren’t really the same as a proper “meal” and are used more for on-the-go emergencies…we’ve all been there!

So in this blog we’re going to look at the best options available for parents looking to buy healthy kid’s ready meals for their babies or toddlers.

Kids Ready Meals in the Supermarket

As mentioned above, the choice in the supermarket for “proper” meals designed for babies and toddlers is pretty limited.

For whatever reason, despite adult ready meals being incredibly popular for many years, they have never really taken off for babies and toddlers.

One of the reasons I suspect this may be, is because for ready meals to stay fresh and tasty they tend to require fairly high levels of salt and other preservatives.

But according to NHS health guidelines, a 0-5 year olds diet should contain no added salt whatsoever… and if you do manage to find a kids ready meal in the supermarket - make sure to check the ingredients on the back in case there are any unknown preservatives snuck in!

Frozen kids ready meals

Outside of the supermarket, you might have come across various baby brands offering frozen ready meals in little pots. Freezing the food gets round the obvious issue of keeping the food safe for storage without any salt or preservatives. They can sit in your freezer for a good while ready to crack open when you need them and won’t go bad for a long time.

However, if you plan on using these regularly or daily, you might find that your baby is eating the same things on repeat and will start getting bored of the flavours and textures on offer. The reason is that most frozen kids ready meal companies only have a limited selection of meals that don’t rotate very often. It can also be very tempting to only order the “safe” meals that your child likes and they end up not getting exposed to a variety of meals and ingredients.

The fact that these frozen pots get delivered in boxes with multiple meals is also handy as there is only one delivery to anticipate. If you live in London it’s also unlikely that you’ll have space for a decent sized freezer, and if it’s already tight for space then this might be a tricky game of freezer-tetris for you!

So what’s the best option for kids ready meals?

One of the obvious ways that you could get around the issue of keeping kids ready meals fresh without the use of salt, preservatives or deep freezing them is by just making them fresh and delivering them fresh! Seems simple right?

That’s exactly why V&Me was founded, London’s first and only baby & toddler kitchen dedicated to making nutritious, fresh meals designed specifically for kids!

Every meal is cooked from scratch in Battersea, using fresh ingredients and with no added salt, sugar or preservatives. Each morning the team of professional chefs arrive bright and early to start preparing a different three meals according to the changing daily menus. This ensures that babies are getting the variety and freshness that their growing brains and bodies need, even when their parents are short on time (or energy!).

How to sign up?

If you live in London and you want to join the growing number of parents getting fresh ready meal deliveries for their kids, click the link below and get your first delivery now!

We are now delivering to almost all central London postcodes, including popular areas like Wandsworth, Clapham, Battersea, Kensington, Fulham, Greenwich, Queen’s park, Islington, Lewisham and many more!

Get our fresh (not frozen!) baby meals delivered to you

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