Which vegetables should I feed my baby first?

Will G
September 13, 2023
5 min read

Why veg-led weaning is a great choice for babies!

Fresh green beans being prepared in the V&Me baby kitchen by on of the professional chefs on site.

There are lots of different approaches you can take when weaning your baby.

Our experts advocate the “Veg-led” approach to weaning. This means that you start your babies first few weeks with only “bitter” tasting vegetables. The reason behind this is that your baby will get used to these flavours early on.

If they don’t get exposed to the savoury and bitter tastes of these green vegetables from early on, they may be less likely to accept them later on. In fact, studies suggest that starting with green vegetables may reduce the likelihood of fussy eating going forward.

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Which vegetables should you start with then

Broccoli being prepared by one of V&Me's professional baby chefs in it's Battersea based kitchen.

Our experts recommend starting with these seven vegetables for the first week:

  • Cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, aubergine, courgette, potato and asparagus.
  • These ones are a great choice to start with because there are not too many “windy” vegetables that may cause upset tummies, they’re all easy to find in the supermarket and they’re all chocked-full of those bitter flavours!
  • Remember, your baby may not like the taste of these at first, but this isn’t a bad thing! It can take them several attempts to start enjoying the taste of new things.
  • Even if it seems like they are not eating much of these veggies at first, they are still learning lots of valuable new skills like picking things up and putting them into their mouth, swallowing whole food for the first time and getting used all the new flavours and textures associated with trying solid food for the first time!
  • Remember that babies have an innate taste for sweetness as breast or formula milk is sweet, so it’s actually natural if they don’t like these vegetables to start with.

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September 13, 2023
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