Why are carbs important for babies and toddlers?

Will G
September 18, 2023
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Why are carbs important for babies and toddlers?

When we think about healthy eating, the first thing that comes to mind is often protein and veggies. However, it's important to remember that for babies and toddlers, carbohydrates are a crucial part of their diets.

Carbohydrates are the bodies preferred energy source and they are ultimately converted to glucose by the body. Little ones have very different energy requirements to adults due to all the important growing and development that is going on in their bodies every day.

For your average toddler, their daily intake of energy should be about 50% carbs spread across the day. Here’s the science behind it:

  • If a 4 year old boy requires approximately 1390kcal/day then 50% of the calories (695kcal) should be coming from carbohydrate spread out over the day.
  • There are 4kcal per 1g of carbohydrate and therefore this boy requires approximately 174g carbohydrate/day. Lunch should provide 30% energy for the day and therefore around 52g carbohydrate.
  • Requirements for carbohydrate are worked out to prevent the body going into ketosis (the breakdown of muscle tissue - which would happen if you didn’t eat a certain amount of carbohydrates) but mainly to keep the proportion of fat in the diet relatively low whilst keeping satiety (feeling of fullness) high!

What are good sources of carbohydrates?

(Left) V&Me's Vegetarian chilli toddler meal with sweet potato wedges on the side and (right) a meatball pasta served with a side of broccoli.

Starchy carbohydrates are a great source of energy and should be part of each of your little one’s meals.

Here are some examples of good starchy carbohydrates:

  1. Cooked grains like rice, quinoa, oats, bulgur, spelt
  2. Potatoes
  3. Pasta
  4. Bread (ideally free of preservatives)

The recommended serving size is approximately 80g of cooked rice, pasta, potato or bread.A little bit of wholegrain carbohydrate (e.g. Weetabix, wholemeal pasta) is recommended, but the fibre can fill little ones’ tummies up and reduce their appetite for other meals. We include wholegrains once a week on V&Me menus.

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