Can I choose the meals?

Not quite...individual meals can't be chosen or removed from a day. Instead, our chefs prepare a different menu from scratch every morning which includes two main meals and a healthy snack. We think this is the best way to to ensure your baby is exposed to a variety of flavours and freshness and help them build lasting healthy eating habits!

What textures does the food come in?

We offer three different texture options: Smooth (stage 1), Lumpy (Stage 2) and Bite-sized (Stage 3). You can easily select this when placing your order. If you're not sure which one is best for your baby, check our texture page for more info.

Why can't I just cook for my baby myself?

You can. But think about it…between nappies, playtime, and everything else, time is a rare luxury for parents. Relieving the stress of planning, cooking and cleaning is a total game-changer, especially when you know they’re still getting nutritious homemade meals. It’s basically like having a partner who does all the cooking and cleaning for you! (...oh yours doesn’t either?)

I'm still not sure how this all works?

Don’t worry. This is a pretty new way of doing things so let’s break it down even it more simply: Our chefs prepare a different three meal menu from scratch, every day. On the day’s you select, you’ll receive a little bag on your doorstep with one snack and two main meals inside, ready to eat. You can pause, edit or cancel these deliveries at any time to make sure you’re always topped up with fresh meals.

What if my baby doesn't eat the food?

Trust us, you’re not the first to worry about this. Your baby refuses to touch the food and it ends up on the floor. Fantastic. Why did I bother? Well, let us reassure you… It’s TOTALLY normal for your baby to take a few attempts to get used to the new flavours and textures. But time and time again, parents tell us they are so glad they persevered through this stage. Building healthy eating habits doesn’t happen overnight, but we promise you, the payoff is worth it.

Set YOUR BABY up for a lifetime of healthy eating

The guilt-free alternative to home-cooking for busy parents who want the best for their baby.

Planned by experts, cooked fresh daily, delivered to your doorstep.


98% OF PARENTS agreed their baby was a better eater after 1 month of V&Me meals

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